Mel Brooks

Bea Cohen

Harry Corre

Lester Tanner

Max Fuchs

Carl Reiner

Harold Baumgarten

Robert M. Morgenthau

We have filmed more than forty veterans, including

directors Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner; former Manhattan D.A. Robert M. Morgenthau; Bea Cohen, a 104 year-old former WAAC; Harry Corre, a POW and survivor of the Bataan Death March; Lester Tanner, a POW, was nearly segregated as a Jew, but was rescued by his non-Jewish commanding officer; Max Fuchs, the cantor at the 1944 service in Germany broadcast on NBC; Harold

Baumgarten, who stormed the Normandy beaches on

D-Day with a Jewish star and “Bronx, NY” painted on

his uniform; and artist Si Lewen, a Polish emigre who

enlisted in the service and was among the first soldiers

at Buchenwald concentration camp after its liberation.

Our original interviews will be interwoven with pre-

recorded testimonies available in archival collections—including columnist Art Buchwald; baseball star Hank Greenberg; former New York City mayor Ed Koch;

writers Joseph Heller, Norman Mailer, J.D. Salinger

and Herman Wouk; Rabbi Judah Nadich, the Senior Jewish Chaplain in Europe; actor Eli Wallach, historian

Raul Hilberg, and many more.


Si Lewen